About Us

Subcontract Services was formed in 1996 to provide assembly services to the electronics industry. At the heart of our capability is a team of highly professional and skilled operatives.

Our expertise and manufacturing knowledge has taken us into a wide range of markets from Medical to Motor racing and from instrumentation to LED lighting.

Our aim is to establish working partnerships with our customers so that we fully understand your needs and expectations.

Fully streamlined and dedicated assembly experts to facilitate your high volume and high tech requirements.
Our services include PCB, LED and Cable Assembly with the option to create a full turn key product for you.

We’ve built up a 20 year relationship with our suppliers, this enables our team of procurement specialists to take care of sourcing your PCB components and inventory management quickly and cost effectively.

Electronic Design
Subcontract Services work closely with our clients from the initial concepts all way through to full volume manufacturing.
Our development engineering facilities and comprehensive design experience allows us to provide a full product development service

Customer Service
Our staff have up to 40 years of expertise in this field. We can provide you with advice for the entire production cycle – including PCB design, manufacturing and assembly. Our premise has a open door policy to customers who need advice, or simply want to check out the production and manufacturing facilities. Furthermore, we will provide quick turnaround quotations within 24 hours.


  • PCB Assembly
  • LED Assembly
  • Cable Assembly
  • Turn Key Products